Gods and Dragons - Cruise from Bali to Flores - 8 days

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Begin of Tour Denpasar (Bali) - Amed (D)

Gunung Agung, BaliGunung Agung, BaliNo dates in 2024. We recommend the cruise Whale Sharks, Dragons & Coral Reefs.
Leave Sanur in the morning and depart for Amed. The small village lies on the eastern coast of Bali, where the ship will depart the next day. The transfer will take approximately 2.5 hours, and is a great opportunity to get a feeling of the island. Arrive at the small hotel in the tiny coastal village in the shadow of mighty Gunung Agung volcano. Take your time and relax at the beach. Optional it is possible to snorkel at the reef near the beach. Overnight in Amed.

Day 2: Amed - Gili Islands (B/L/D)

Gili Air Beach © Michael BuchholzGili Air BeachThe morning is free at your leisure. After boarding the vessel, you will have a chance to settle in before the captain gives the orders for the anchor to be lifted prior to crossing the Lombok Strait. This deep trench of water between Bali and Lombok marks part of a very important ecological boundary, which was first described by the British naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace. Wallace noticed that the flora and fauna of the islands to the west are home to Asian animal and plant species, whereas the islands to the east of the invisible "Wallace Line" have a greater similarity to species found in Australia. In the afternoon, we will make our first stop at one of the three Gili islands, a popular holiday destination just off Lombok’s northwest coast. The boat will spend a few hours here. You can choose from a number of water activities: swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking or simply enjoying the beautiful white sandy beach.

Day 3: Gili Islands - Moyo (B/L/D)

Ombak Putih Cabin © Sea Trek BaliOmbak Putih CabinA hearty breakfast will be served in the morning. Afterward, start out for a day trip to the coast of Lombok. Visit a village of the famous Bajao "Sea Gypsies" of Southeast Asia, and see how they live their lives so close to, on and in the water.​ After re-embarkation, explore one of the coral reefs near Gili Sulat, which is a marine conservation area.

Day 4: Moyo - Satonda (B/L/D)

Satonda IslandSatonda IslandThis morning, the phinisi will moor off the island of Sumbawa, where we hope to swim with a group of awe-inspiring whale sharks. The majestic animals are attracted by full fishing nets. Instead of driving the large animals away, the local fishermen invite visitors to swim with whale sharks from their fishing platforms. A mutual beneficial way to protect the rare animals. After this up-close encounter, the next stop will be Satonda, a strange and mystical volcanic island with a crater lake in its center. When Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815, causing a tsunami in the process, the crater on Satonda was filled with saltwater. The eruption was the biggest volcanic explosion in the collective memory of mankind; it had roughly four times the energy of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. 1815 is known as the ‘year without a summer’ because of the effect on North American and European weather. Local people believe Satonda to be magical. Keep that in mind when you climb up to the caldera to view the mysterious lake, alongside which are trees believed to be ‘wishing trees.’ Visitors to the island tie a small stone to a tree and make a wish. If your wish comes true, you are bound to return to the island to offer gratitude. The seas surrounding the island are rich with soft and hard corals and colorful tropical fish. You can spend the afternoon swimming and snorkeling. Another highlight of the visit to Satonda will be the sight of thousands of flying foxes that rise at dusk from the island to hunt on the mainland, returning before first light the next day. Immediately after sunset, the boat will leave for an overnight passage on a course due east.

Day 5: Satonda - Banta (B/L/D)

Ombak Putih © Sea Trek BaliOmbak PutihWe will wake up off the coast of Pulau Sangean, an active volcano that towers 1,800 meters above sea level. After breakfast, we will go ashore to a small hamlet, which, because of the active nature of the volcano, is only inhabited for short periods during the year when the local people come to tend their crops and small herds of buffaloes, which we can see swimming in the sea. We will then snorkel on both a nearby reef and a location on the north of the island where volcanic gasses escape in the form of bubbles from the sea floor among the corals, a most interesting sight. We will then proceed to the island of Banta and its pure white sand beach, for an afternoon of swimming, snorkeling and hill climbing for the fit. Later that evening, the ship proceeds on to Komodo dragon country.

Day 6: Banta - Rinca Island (B/L/D)

Kanawa Island, Komodo National Park © Christopher MisslingKanawa Island, Komodo National ParkThe boat will anchor just off Komodo island in the morning. The Komodo National Park encompasses 80 islands. You will go ashore near the ranger station in Loh Liang for an early morning trek through the park searching for Komodo dragons. The animals are endemic to the islands of the national park. You will be accompanied by a local ranger at all times. The giant lizards roam free on the small islands. You will encounter them during your hike through the dry, savannah-like landscape. You may also spot deer, wild boar, sulphur-crested cockatoos, butterflies, rare orchids and jungle chickens among the strangle-fig trees and the distinctive lontar palms. After returning to the boat, continue the trip with a visit to Komodo village, where you can buy some local handicrafts. Later head to the gorgeous Pantai Merah also known as Pink Beach. It takes its name from the particles of red coral mingled with the sand. Relax at the beach or swim in the sea.

Day 7: Rinca Island - Labuhanbajo (B/L)

Komodo dragonKomodo dragonAfter breakfast in Labuan Bajo harbor, leave the boat for a short visit to go for a second hike in search of the Komodo Dragons on Rinca or Padar island. The ranger will take you along one of the designated trails. The islands are well-known for its diverse wildlife. You may spot monkeys, wild buffaloes, and deer. From the top of the hills, the scenery is breathtaking. In the afternoon, you can go snorkeling. The underwater world of the national park is rich with over 1,000 documented species of fish. Go ashore in the evening and enjoy a romantic bonfire at the beach. With your feet in the sand and the stars rising in the vast Indonesian sky, the crew will build prepare a beach barbecue as a final celebration of this memorable voyage.

Day 8: Labuan Bajo - End of Tour Labuan Bajo (Flores) (B/L)

After breakfast in Labuan Bajo harbor, leave the boat for a short visit to the local market or take a private bus to the inland village of Melo. Here, local strongmen will perform a ritual whip-fight called Caci. Two groups of rival players, each armed with rattan shields and whips, will try to hit each other while dancing to the rhythm of traditional acoustic instruments. The men of Western Flores are famous for this test of daring and skill, requiring lightning quick moves to dodge the infliction of a wound. The winner is loudly applauded and cheered by the village. The dancers will also perform other traditional dances. Afterward, return to the harbor and have lunch on the boat. Later transfer to the airport for flight back to Bali.

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Gili IslandsOmbak Putih/ Katharina
MoyoOmbak Putih/ Katharina
SatondaOmbak Putih/ Katharina
BantaOmbak Putih/ Katharina
Rinca IslandOmbak Putih/ Katharina
LabuhanbajoOmbak Putih/ Katharina
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Denpasar (Bali) / Labuan Bajo (Flores)

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Private tour
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Air-conditioned car with driver
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Domestic flight between Bali and Flores.

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March - September
Best season for whale sharks: July - August

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Min. 2 Persons. Single traveller rates on request.
Important information for traveler: Outside of highly touristic regions like Bali there is only a limited touristic infrastructure available. Regular flight connections, restaurants and hotels (all classes from simple to high end) are limited. Flight cancellations and delays are quite common. Please don't expect amenities like warm water, air-conditioning and even comfortable beds at all hotels and homestays during the round trip. This applies especially outside of bigger cities.

Tour travels from and to Bali. Please refer to schedule. A domestic flight between Bali and Flores is required. Air fare is not included. Modifications from itinerary are possible.
Schedule 2024
No dates in 2024. We recommend the cruise Whale Sharks, Dragons & Coral Reefs

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When travelling islamic countries there can be interference during the month of Ramadan, other high holidays and fridays.
Volcanism: The Sunda Islands and the Sunda Archipelago are of volcanic orgin and show high volcanic activity. Accrodingly it may be possible that tours, routings and activities (especially those involving or near volcanoes) need to be altered in case of high activity or order by the government.
This tour is not soutable for people with reduced mobility. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements please contact us! We will try to find a solution for your individual needs.