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Flores - Volcanos and Ikat Weaving

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Flores: Three Colored Lakes of Kelimutu

  • 4 Days
  • $ 643
  • 595

Visit the Kelimutu volcano with the three colored lakes and the traditional villages near Maumere. The famous crater lakes were discovered by a Dutch geologist in 1914. They changed their color several times since then. Local believe says they change their color when the souls of the ancestors are angry. See the sunrise at the crater rim. The morning mist will create a mystic atmosphere.

Mystical Healing Ritual

  • 4 Days
  • Rate on Request

Animistic beliefs are still strong in many of the rural villages of Flores. The locals believe evil ghosts and black magic can cause illness. They don't trust the modern academic medicine and consult a dukun (shaman). A dukun heals with his mystic power and converses with the spiritual world. See a traditional ceremony and meet one of these holy men.

Flores - From Labuan Bajo To Maumere

  • 5 Days
  • $ 675
  • 625

This is your trip, when you arrive from a cruise in Komodo National Park and want to explore more of the island of Flores. Start in die western part near Labuan Bajo and travel eastwards via Ruteng and Bajawa. You will see the traditional villages where the endemic culture is preserved. See the big volcanoes Inerie, Ebulobo and Kelimutu before you reach Maumere.

Flores: Volcanoes, Ikat and Lizards

  • 6 Days
  • $ 1,448
  • 1.340

The Lesser Sunda Islands attract travellers with unique wildlife, volcanic landscape and a rich culture. The island of Flores is no exception. You will start off with a visit of Mount Kelimutu. According to local believes the three coloured lakes are a mystical place where the mundane world meets the divine realm. You will climb the volcano to see the sun rise over the crater rim. On your way to the western coast of the island you will visit traditional villages and learn more about the important art of weaving ikat fabrics. Every region and every ethnic group is discernable by a characteristic pattern. The remanants of a megalitic culture can be found in Bajawa. The highlight is a visit of the Komodo National Park and the famous komodo dragons. The endemic animals are kimited to the islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar.

Wae Rebo and Komodo

  • 6 Days
  • $ 973
  • 900

Go on an adventurous trekking tour through the hinterland of Flores. Your guide will show you the cultural highlight of West Flores before you follow narrow path along steep hillsides to the isolated village of Wae Rebo. After hours of trekking you will be welcomed by the community and stay in an traditonal mbaru niang house. On your way back to civilisation you will visit the Komodo National Park. Knwon for its beautiful under water wolrd and the fascinating komod dragons.

Flores Overland

  • 8 Days
  • $ 1,232
  • 1.140

Embark on an in-deep excursion of Flores. Start with the Maumere region which is knwon for traditonal ikat fabrics. Villages are distinguished by their characteristic pattern and unique weaving technique. See the day to day life at traditional villages, walk the markets and buy some dried fish. This round trip shows you the spectacular landscapes with active volcanoes, pebbled beaches and colourflu reefs. Meet the friendly people and see the last oft the komodo dragons.