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Lombok - East of Bali

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The island of Lombok is often referred to as Bali's sister. Both islands are connected by cultural similarities but divided by a deep-sea channel. The landscape is dominated by the volcano Gunung Rinjani and the fertile plains in the south. The rest of the island is fairly dry. The famous gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno) are just a short boat ride away. They are a popular destination for diving and beach days. Lombok is known for numerous beautiful beaches all around the island.

Lombok Experience

  • 3 Days
  • $ 540
  • 490

This short tour takes you from the beautiful Gilis in the south to the famous Gilis in the north of Lombok. Visit traditional Sasak villages and the waterfall Sendang Gile on the way.

Mount Rinjani Climb

  • 3 Days
  • $ 435
  • 395

Mount Rinjani is the highest rise on Lombok island. The 3,726m high volcanoe is nestled amidst the Gunung Rinjani National Park and surrounded by tropical mountain-forests. The climb takes several days. You will start at the eastern slopes where you will set up camp for the first night. You will reach the crater rim mid morning the next day before you descend to Anak Segara lake. Experience the serene atmosphere inside the crater. You return via the north route back down the mountain.

The South of Lombok

  • 4 Days
  • $ 562
  • 510

This trip takes you to the beautiful islands in the south of Lombok. Visit Gili Nanggu and Gili Kedis to see the colorful reefs. Another highlight is a trekking tour on the southern slopes of Mount Rinjani.

Culture and Nature on Lombok

  • 4 Days
  • $ 700
  • 635

This short trip takes you around the beautiful island of Lombok. Learn more about the sasak people and see the natural sight, like the Rinjani volcano and the famous Gili islands.

Surcharges may apply during high season (July - September) and peak season (December 20th - January 3rd).