Privacy Policy

Data Usage (we, us, our) collects, processes and uses your provided personal data as far as they are mandatory for your holiday experience. If required, neccessary data will only be submitted to those subcontractors directly involved with the fulfillment of your journey (incoming agents, hotels, airlines, other service providers, etc.). This data is usually limited to names (incl. party), booked services and period of service. In special cases additional data may be required to submit: Date of birth (e.g. for children, pupils, youth and student discounts), nationality and ID card/passport data (e.g. for resident discounts or electronic tickets). Special services, e.g. tours for wheelchair users, disabled people or people with special needs/requirements might require to transmit data like the degree of disability to provide the best service possible. Other special requirements you may have and tell us about (e.g. food requirements concerning medical conditions or religious/cultural requirements) may also be forwarded accordingly so ensure the best service.

In no case we share your personal data with third parties not directly involved with the realisation of your holiday.

Encrypted Transmission of Data

If you use our contact forms to get in contact with us your data will be automatically transmitted in encrypted form by high grade extrended validation SSL encryption following the AES-256 standard (equal to 2048 bit RSA encryption). This is equal to the european standard for online banking encryption.
To make it easier for you to validate the encryption this page is also encrypted (green adress bar with lock). Klick on the green adress bar to get further information on the encryption standards used by

Digitally Signed & Encrypted Emails

Emails from are digitally signed with a qualified signature. In case you have provided a certificate for the encryption of emails with any accredited certificate provider they will also be encrypted. The only exception are automated read/receive confirmations.
The digital signature of our emails ensures that emails claiming to be from are in fact from and their content has not been manipulated. The encryption of emails ensures, that no third or unauthorised person can take notice of its contents. All in-house communication is of course encrypted the same way.

Data Storage

By law is required to store specific data of our customers for governmental periods of safekeeping. These include all invoice data (names, address, booked services and their dates) as they fall under the requirement for safekeeping of the fiscal authorities. During these periods of safekeeping we may use this data to simplify new bookings from your side. This data is stored in a secure database only accessible in-house and, again by fiscal requirement, in form of a hard copy. Both are only accessible to authorised staff in-house and our tax accounting department. Depersonalised data will be used in-house to evaluate and develop our product and services.

Statistical data collected while you surf on one of our homepages will only be stored depersonalised and only used in-house to develop our product. We do not use tools or services that store data out-house like Google Analytics.

Cookies/Locally Stored Data uses Cookies to offer specific services on our website. That includes our LiveChat (cookie: PHPSESSID) and our Web and User Statistics (cookie: _pk_*). All of these services are inhouse solutions limited to and with no access for third parties. The cookies store anonymous strings of data e.g. to provide the LiveChat function even after changing the page. Our "Travel Bag" Service to simply requestion of multiple tours at once uses the HTML5 Local Storage until you delete its contents.

Date of Privacy Declaration

March 2016

Questions and Requests for Information

For any questions on our privacy policy or requests on data stored about you with please feel free to contact us via email: