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Sulawesi - Manyfold of Cultures and Natural Paradise

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Tangkoko Nature Reserve

  • 4 Days
  • $ 540
  • 485

Visit the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi. You have the chance to see the small tarsiers, hornbills, black macaques and maleo birds. Spend two days trekking in the small reserve at the foot of Dua Saudara volcano. You will stay at a guesthouse near the rain forest before you return to Manado.

Manado & Minahasa Highlights

  • 4 Days
  • $ 562
  • 505

The city of Manado is the ideal base for your exploration of the Minahasa region. Start with a sightseeing tour of the capital of North Sulawesi before you travel to Tomohon right in the middle of Minahasa heartland. Highlight of the tour is a visit to the world-famous Bunbaken National Marine Park with white sandy beaches and a shallow bay with coral reefs and mangrove trees.

Siladen Resort and Spa

  • 4 Days
  • $ 649
  • 583

The siladen Resort and Spa is located amid the Bunaken Marine National Park in North Sulawesi. A short boat ride takes you from Manado directly into the heart of the park. Bunaken is a famous diving site. The waters and small islands in the parks are an important retreat for endangered species. Turtles bury their eggs at the shores and dolphins are often seen between the islands. The resorts offers comfortable villas reflecting modern and traditional Minahasa style. Explore some of the over 50 diving spots in the parks or stay at the resort and relax at the beach.

Miracles of Nature in North Sulawesi

  • 5 Days
  • $ 818
  • 735

Leave the diving spots of Bunaken island behind and travel trough the Minahasa Highlands. Take a week to explore the vast landscapes and pre-Christian cultures of North Sulawesi. You will start with the sights in Manado and then move on to the mountain resort of Tomohon. Climb the volcanoes Mahawu and Lokon-Empung. Some of the few volcanoes on the island. You will also have the chance to see the animals of the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Watch tiny tarsiers in their tree. The nocturnal primates are endemic to Sulawesi.

Tana Toraja and Lore Lindu National Park

  • 12 Days
  • $ 2,376
  • 2.135

This private tour takes you through the fascinating south of Sulawesi. A first highlight is a visit to Tana Toraja. The Toraja live in the highlands and are known for their special death cult. The deceased are buried in caves and trees after elaborate rites. Then continue northwards along the Trans-Sulawesi Highway. Enjoy the scenery at Danau Poso before continuing to the megaliths in the Bada Valley. There are menhirs and Kalamba, whose origins and meaning are not yet fully known. The stones carved by human hands are found in many places in the valleys and villages. You will walk through the Lore Lindu National Park for several days before you end the trip on the beach at the Strait of Makassar.