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The Lesser Sunda Islands - Komodo, Rinca, Lombok, Flores, Timor, Sumbawa und Sumba

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Pasola Festival on Sumba Island

  • 4 Days
  • $ 606
  • 555

Pasola Festival 2020: February/March 2020 The Pasola Festival is a tradition unique to the island of Sumba. Every year groups of riders from the villages in the Kodi district will compete in mock fights. They meet after the full moon in February and March. The fertility ritual celebrates the rice planting season.

Birding in Nusa Tenggara

  • 12 Days
  • Rate on Request

A visit to East Nusa Tenggara gives you the opportunity to see some fascinating birds of the Indonesian archipelago. The tour starts out with the Komodo National Park just off the western tip of Flores. You may see the Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and some birds of prey. The small islands are also populated by the famous komodo dragons. Travel across Flores and move on to Sumba. The tour visits the Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, home to approximately 87 bird species including some endemic species such as Sumba yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata), Sumba green pigeon (Treron teysmannii), Sumba flycatcher (Ficedula harterti), Sumba cicadabird (Edolisoma dohertyi), apricot-breasted sunbird (Cinnyris buettikoferi) and Sumba hornbill (Rhyticeros everetti).

Bali and Beyond - The Islands of Nusa Tenggara

  • 16 Days
  • $ 2,838
  • 2.600

Explore the "Wild East" of Indonesia. The Lesser Sunda-Islands are called Nusa Tenggara. This rugged part of the archipelago offers many highlights for more adventurous travellers. Start with a few relaxing days on Bali before you visit traditional villages and see the stunning landscapes of Sumba, Flores and Komodo. Learn more about the unique mixture of christian and local beliefs. Ancient megaliths can still be found in the traditional villages of Flores. Find out about the differences between traditional ikat pattern in Sumba and Flores. Meet the last of the Komodo Dragon on the small islands of Komodo National Park.