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Bali - Islands of Gods

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The Island of Bali is the heart of the Indonesian archipelago. It has spurred the imagination of generations of travelers from all over the world. Explore the island with one of our private round trips and experience the uniqueness of balinese culture, food and atmosphere. If you prefer a more personal approach our team will prepare a tailor-made round trip for you.

From The Mountain to the Sea

  • 4 Days
  • $ 595
  • 540

Mount Batur is one of the scenic volcanoes of Bali. Climb the steep slopes during the night and see the sun rise before you go on a trip to the 3 lakes area and the Pura Tanah Lot Temple.

Romantic West Bali

  • 4 Days
  • $ 523
  • 475

The round trip sets the focus on the western part of Bali. You will visit waterfalls and plantations near the Bali Barat National Park. At Pulau Menjangan, one of Bali's best known diving spots, you will have time to snorkel at the reefs or relax at the white sandy beach. Later on in the trip you will see the volcanic highlands and walk through the paddies and plantations near Belimbing.

Morning of the World

  • 5 Days
  • $ 821
  • 745

Start your round trip with a visit to Ubud the cultural center of Bali. Learn more about the European and Indonesian artists who influenced Balinese painting and dance. Travel to the north to see the beautiful reefs at Pulau Menjangan and the hot springs in Banjar. Visit the dramatic crater of the Batur volcano before you return to the beaches in the south.

Active Bali

  • 5 Days
  • $ 727
  • 660

If you don't want to see all temples of Bali but get a feel for the island and how it shaped the culture of its people this might be your round trip. You will do a lot of trekking, cycling, and snorkeling. Start with a visit to Bali Barat National Park including Menjangan island. Do some cycling in the highlands with the green volcanoes and rice terraces before you go on a sunrise tour at Mt. Batur.

Bali - Jewel of the Indian Ocean

  • 6 Days
  • $ 937
  • 850

Travel the Island of the Gods together with your private guide and get to know the beautiful Hindu temples around Ubud, idyllic valleys with green rice fields and hidden water falls. You will also spend some time at the famous reefs of Menjangan Island in the West Bali National Park.

Bali and Lombok

  • 8 Days
  • $ 1,080
  • 980

The neighboring islands Bali and Lombok are separated by the Wallace Line. Their landscape and wildlife are very different but their people share a common history. Balinese kingdoms extended to Lombok for several centuries. This round trip combines the mystical atmosphere of Bali with the stunning beaches in Lombok. Start with the most important temples in Bali. The temples Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Besakih are cultural highlights of the island. Fly to Lombok and visit the traditional villages of the sasak people to learn more about traditional handicraft and daily life.

The Heart of Bali

  • 8 Days
  • $ 1,080
  • 980

Explore the green heart of Bali. This round trip includes a visit to the legendary rice terraces, the most beautiful waterfalls, and the famous volcanoes. Learn to cook traditional dishes in Ubud and go snorkeling on the neighboring island Nusa Penida.

Uncover the Mystery of Bali

  • 8 Days
  • $ 920
  • 835

The island of Bali is known for its vast culture and spectacular landscapes. See the most famous temples and learn more about the belief system behind the characteristic architecture. See the differences between Pura Tanah Lot, Pura Besakih and Pura Beji. Ubud in the island's highlands is known as a cultural center with many resident artists. Visit the Neka Museum and a fascinating dance performance in Ubud.

Java and Bali - Heart and Soul of Indonesia

  • 8 Days
  • $ 1,130
  • 1.025

The Islands of Java and Bali are important cultural centers within the Indonesian archipelago. Combine the major sights of both islands without addtional domestic flights. Cross the Bali Strait by ferry, take the train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta and return to Bali by car. The highlights are the mighty Borobudur and Bromo volcano.

Mt. Bromo in East Java

  • 2 Days
  • $ 700
  • 635

East Java is famous for the active volcanos scattered around the island. It takes just 90 minutes from Bali by flight to reach Surabaya Airport. Visit the Bromo volcano and enjoy the atmosperic sunrise at the crater.

Yogyakarta from/to Bali

  • 2 Days
  • $ 760
  • 690

Explore the Indonesian Archipelago and visit the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java. The important cultural center is known for sights like the Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist sanctuaries in the world, and the Hindu temple Prambanan.

Lombok Experience

  • 2 Days
  • $ 287
  • 260

Make the most of your time while you are on the Island of Bali and visit the neighboring island of Lombok. Spend a day exploring the traditional Sasak villages and relax at the famous Kuta Beach in South Lombok before you enjoy the sunset at a beach resort in Senggigi Beach.

Komodo Dragons from/to Bali

  • 3 Days
  • $ 821
  • 745

You can reach the western tip of Flores in little over an hour by flight from Bali. A chartered fishing boat will take you into the Komodo National Park to see the Komodo dragons on Rinca and Komodo island. Spend the rest of the afternoon at the beautiful Pink Beach before you return to Labuan Bajo.

Timor-Leste from/to Bali

  • 4 Days
  • $ 1,692
  • 1.535

It is just a short flight from Bali to Dili, the capital of Timor Leste (East Timor). This trip is for more adventurous travellers who are not afraid of leaving the beaten tracks. Timor Leste is a young nation in development. Meet the friendly people of the island and enjoy the beautiful, sandy beaches.

Surcharges may apply during high season (July - September) and peak season (December 20th - January 3rd).