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Timor-Leste (East Timor) - An Undiscovered Paradise

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Timor-Leste Adventure

  • 5 Days
  • $ 1,059
  • 970

This trip is for more adventurous travellers who are not afraid of leaving the beaten tracks. Timor Leste is a young nation in development. Meet the friendly people of the island and enjoy the beautiful, sandy beaches.

Timor-Leste Explorer

  • 9 Days
  • Rate on Request

Timor Leste is a country populated by a lot of different ethnic groups. They all speak their own language and follow their own cultural practices. This shows in their day to day life, architecture and food. This round trip shows you the foundation of the newest nation in South East Asia. Learn how the timorese fought against colonialism and how they grow together as one. See where they live, grow their crops and build their homes. Experience the beauty of the island of Timor.

Timor Leste Highlights

  • 9 Days
  • $ 1,648
  • 1.510

This short and intense tour shows you the highlights of Timor Leste. Experience the building of a new nation in South East Asia on its way to overcome a long history of foreign rule. See all the elements that make up East Timor. It is a place influenced by diverse cultures, languages and tribes. You will travel from the capital of Dili to rural villages and remote beaches. See the day to day life of farmers, fishermen and merchants. Explore the caves on Jaco island off the east coast and climb Mount Ramelau to see the sunrise.

Timor Leste Overland

  • 21 Days
  • Rate on Request

The young nation of Timor Leste attracts travelers from all over the world because of its natural beauty and friendly people. Explore a new destination beyond the capital of Dili. Let us guide you around the island to visit historical sights, traditional villages and learn more about local customs. Most timorese follow christian beliefs and represent a minority within the indonesian archipelago. Churches are an important foundation of the timorese society. Enjoy the hilly countryside with steep waterfalls, white beaches and mysterious cave paintings. Many of the animals are endemic to the region. East Timor is also well-known for the colorful reefs around the island.