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South Sulawesi - Tanah Toraja and the Bugis

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Tana Toraja and Lore Lindu National Park

  • 12 Days
  • $ 2,353
  • 2.135

This private tour takes you through the fascinating south of Sulawesi. A first highlight is a visit to Tana Toraja. The Toraja live in the highlands and are known for their special death cult. The deceased are buried in caves and trees after elaborate rites. Then continue northwards along the Trans-Sulawesi Highway. Enjoy the scenery at Danau Poso before continuing to the megaliths in the Bada Valley. There are menhirs and Kalamba, whose origins and meaning are not yet fully known. The stones carved by human hands are found in many places in the valleys and villages. You will walk through the Lore Lindu National Park for several days before you end the trip on the beach at the Strait of Makassar.